Supu new product丨The long-awaited “Speed” comes out, Supu thermal transfer printer is on the market!

In order to meet customers’ marking needs for terminals, as an industrial electrical connection supplier, Supu has launched a new card thermal transfer printer, which provides customized personalized marking solutions for rail-mounted terminals, equipment, and devices, covering all areas of the customer’s site. application of identification.

Supu thermal transfer printer is on the market!

PART.1 Product advantages

01 Using thermal transfer printing principle

02 Efficient and stable, the printing speed of a single card is within 10 seconds

03 Supporting printing software, customized marking content according to needs

04 Match Supu TU/TC/TP series rail-mounted terminals

05 Suitable for printing PC, PA, PVC materials

PART.2 Product performance

01 Printing area: width 104 mm, length 160mm

02 Print resolution: 300 dpi

03 Printing speed: within 10 seconds for a single board

04 Position deviation: within 0.3mm

05 Print head life: not less than 30 kilometers

06 Operating environment: temperature 0-45°C, humidity 5%-95%.

PART.3 Quality Assurance

01 Print head life test

02 Resistance to 3m glue test

03 Alarm sensor test

04 Continuous work without failure test

05 Temperature and humidity test

06 Packaging Test (American Safe Transit Association Standard and National Standard)

Special Signage

Supu thermal transfer printer is on the market!

Printer-specific signage is suitable for Supu TP/TC/TU series rail-mounted terminals

Model Sign spacing
Sign Type Number of digits Compatible with SUPU Rail Mounted Terminals
TMCT5.2-72 5.2 big mark 72 TU/TC/TP2.5 Series
TMCT6.2-60 6.2 big mark 60 TU/TC/TP4 Series
TMBWT5.2-72 5.2 small mark 72 TU/TC/TP2.5 Series
TMBWT6.2-60 6.2 small mark 60 TU/TC/TP4 Series

From terminals to equipment, Supu thermal transfer printers provide customers with comprehensive and standardized solutions for logo printing, provide customers with reliable quality assurance for industrial electrical connections, and meet customer application needs.

Post time: Jul-03-2023