SUPU Selected丨Fuse rail terminals, small accessories are not simple, escorting the safety of equipment and system circuits

With the advancement of industrial automation, the requirements for electrical control are becoming more and more stringent. When faults such as short circuit and overload occur in the control cabinet, it is necessary to disconnect the circuit in time to avoid further spread of the fault. Generally, fuse terminals are used. The illuminated fuse terminal is indicated by LED, which can be quickly located, making maintenance more intuitive and efficient.

 There are many products and specifications of Supu fuse rail terminals. They need to match different fuses, such as 5 x 20 mm G fuse, Type C flat fuse, and choose according to the actual load current requirements. The terminal conductor is made of pure copper, which has good electrical conductivity. The insulating material is nylon (PA66) that meets the UL94V-0 standard, which has good electrical insulation and mechanical properties; the metal parts are made of high-strength copper alloy, and the surface is also tin-plated or nickel-plated for protection.

Electrical parameters:

Rated current: 6.3A

Rated voltage: 500V

Rated wire range: 0.2-6mm²


1. Ultra-compact structural design, easy disassembly and maintenance, and also suitable for small spaces.


2. A variety of wiring methods are adopted, among which Push-in connection can complete on-site quick wiring without using tools.


3. There are test holes on both sides of the fuse, which makes detection and maintenance more intuitive and convenient.


4. Select LED status indicators with different levels of voltage according to requirements, which can quickly identify the fuse blown status.


5. There are nearly 20 types of rail-mounted terminal specifications for 5 x 20 mm G fuse, and support spring-cage or screw wiring to meet various application requirements.

5×20 fuse terminals are widely used in elevators, photovoltaics, machinery manufacturing, rail transit and other industries.


6.Rail-mounted terminals for flat fuses, available in 4 and 6mm² inline, optionally with lamp, indicator voltage 12 to 48V.


Flat fuses are widely used in Construction Machinery, elevators, machinery manufacturing, industrial automation and other industries.


Post time: Apr-24-2023