New products|SUPU’s Flexible Interface Module, make the electrical control cabinet more“slim”

In recent years, with the development of "intelligent manufacturing", automation system integrator also have more requirements for electronic control cabinets: miniaturization, low cost, convenient operation, and high efficiency. How to realize more control functions in a smaller cabinet space, optimize the installation and maintenance cost, simplify the operation, enhance the production efficiency, and ensure the product delivery capability, is becoming a new challenge for system integrator today.

SUPU's new Flexible Interface Module and relay modules can save nearly 70% of installation space compared to traditional terminal blocks while ensure your reliable signal transmission between the field and automation levels. It is able to bring more possibilities for miniaturizing and upgrading control cabinets, reducing total control cabinet costs and improving production efficiency.

Product Features:

● Effective space saving in control cabinets

Thanks to compact size and de bi-directional installation design, the  FLEXIBLE INTERFACE MODULE can effectively save more space of the control cabinet.

How to make slim interface mod1

When the horizontal space is insufficient, vertical installation is adopted, saving nearly 70% of space than ordinary terminal blocks and realizing the miniaturization in the cabinet.


● Reliable connection, clear wiring making ,convenient for wiring repair and maintenance

Thanks to the termination board  with the IDC plug-and-play interface and also push-in connection, no tools required,90% wiring time can be saved. It make the field wiring fast and efficient.

How to make slim interface mod3

Significant time savings in wiring

Prefabricated cable for accurate wiring.

Push-in connection for high stability.

No need to re-tighten the wire after insertion.

How to make slim interface mod4

Widely adapted

Support controllers of different brands and multiple channel counts.

How to make slim interface mod5

Customized marking and cabling

Custom markings,Every five positions are highlighted and clearly marked.

Prefabricated cable,10~50 cores, 0.5~20m, connector type optional (IDC, MDR, FCN, etc.)

How to make slim interface mod6
How to make slim interface mod7

Specification table

XF Series Interface Module Specifications

 1 (2)

XF series relay module specifications (one normal open)


As a total solution supplier of industrial electrical connection, SUPU has been deeply engaged in the field of industrial connectors for more than 20 years, following the development trend of the industry to create new possibilities for customers' higher competitiveness.

Post time: Dec-27-2022