SUPU Exhibition | SUPU Terminal Connectors, Help Build The Local Wind Power Industry Chain

With the in-depth promotion of carbon peak and carbon neutral targets, wind power, as a unique advantage of renewable energy, shows strong development potential and becomes an important contributor to carbon neutral targets. The rapid development of wind power has raised the demand for wind power equipment. How to realize local substitution and build an independent and controllable wind power industry chain is an urgent problem to be solved nowadays.

SUPU, as a link in the wind power industry chain, is committed to promoting the construction and development of the local wind power industry chain, focusing on providing customers with safe and reliable wind power system connector products and solutions. With advantageous technology and full process production capacity, the products are widely used in major wind power equipment customers.


 Widely used in the pitch system of inline spring terminals


01 Widely used in the pitch system of inline spring terminals

1、High-quality materials with good corrosion resistance to ensure long-term connection stability in harsh environments;

2、Multi-layer TP terminals to ensure reliable transmission while improving the wiring rate and cabinet volume ratio;

3、Complete range of accessories, one-step wiring.


 A wide range of products for control systems


02 A wide range of products for control systems

1、Test terminal series, screw wiring to ensure reliable function, improve the efficiency of wind power system testing;

2、The same series of standardized spanning and marking structure, greatly enhance the aesthetics of the wiring system and wiring efficiency;

3、Push-button switch contact self-cleaning, long-term working condition is still reliable operation;

4、Push-button indicator mode fast expansion wiring, saving compact space in the cabinet while improving operational efficiency.


High Current Products for Variable Current Systems



03 High Current Products for Variable Current Systems

1、A variety of wiring methods are available, including screw, push-push and pull-rod;

2、Pull-wire products can be easily connected and disconnected without tools;

3、Modular wiring of high-current terminals to improve the efficiency of wiring and system testing;

4、High-current terminals are wired with a spring-loaded latch structure, which provides excellent vibration resistance and makes wiring work faster.


 DC Connectors for Energy Storage Systems


04 DC Connectors for Energy Storage Systems

1、Reverse polarity protection, error-proof coding, anti-touch finger protection to ensure the safety and reliability of the system;

2、IP67 products, rated voltage up to 1500V DC, current covers 100A~350A;

3、Integral conductive parts structure, more reliable current conduction, more cost effective;

4、IP67/IP20 energy storage system optional connectors, one-stop procurement source, reduce procurement cost.


Quality and reliability is the key to win the trust of customers, SUPU with a wide range of products to meet the needs of different customers and different applications. Our connectors have excellent electrical and mechanical properties, and can operate stably under harsh environmental conditions, providing customers with a reliable guarantee.

Post time: Oct-16-2023