【SUPU new】 Smaller, more convenient, designed for small space

In today’s industrial control system design, faced with limited space resources, it is necessary to solve the problem of accessing numerous signals in a compact area; for example, industrial robot arm control equipment, rail transportation door system monitoring equipment, and wind turbine operation status detection.

Although different application industries have their unique needs, but the field wiring work in the electrical signal point of the problem is the same. With the development of technology, is moving toward a more miniaturized direction, more need to achieve high-density wiring in a smaller space;


SUPU new |Smaller, more convenient, designed for small space.


1. Smaller volume, more wiring points
Double 2.54mm pitch, can withstand 160V voltage and 6A current, support connection points 4-48P. double wiring design in the same number of wiring under the premise of the original need for twice the space to control the single-fold width;


SUPU new | Smaller, more convenient, designed for small space.

2. Multiple locking methods, all-round supply
In order to cope with different field use scenarios, this series of products have been launched a variety of locking structure, release lever models, with card hook models and screw models; different configurations to choose from, so that you can realize the flexibility of assembly program in the field;


SUPU new | Smaller, more convenient, designed for small space.

3. Plug-in wiring, reducing on-site maintenance time
This product series not only saves space, but also saves wiring time. Direct spring design without any tools on-site to complete the connection and plugging, effectively reducing the working time, control maintenance costs;


SUPU new | Smaller, more convenient, designed for small space.

4. Confined space design, suitable for a variety of field environments.
This series of products are designed with plug-in straight pin and curved pin combination, plug-in with flange combination, plug-in with screw mounting combination and other models, various combinations to meet a variety of application scenarios;


SUPU new | Smaller, more convenient, designed for small space.

5. Clear identification, can provide customized printing
The appearance of the product adopts black body, material cloth color uniformity; if you need to print the logo to support, can be arranged to customize the printing, so that customers in the field of simple and easy to identify the wiring point position;

Post time: Apr-25-2024