Supu Preferred | Supu wire-to-wire connectivity solutions power the Internet of Everything and simplify connectivity

With the development of Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IoT) technology, the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) has emerged. Industrial resource data are connected to each other through wired or wireless means, expanding the breadth and depth of the connection between machines and machines, machines and people, and machines and the environment, forming a convenient and efficient industrial IoT information channel. The wiring harnesses behind these connections are densely distributed in various industrial sites like veins. Wire-to-wire connectors have emerged due to their adaptability to the installation space, the flexibility of wiring, and provide a basic channel for the industrial Internet of Everything.

Supu offers a wide range of wire-to-wire connection solutions that can be reliably applied in different industrial environments.

Wire-to-wire solutions are available from Supu Electronics:

Wiring capacity range: 0.2mm²-2.5mm².

Current range: 4A-16A

Voltage range: 160V-630V

Wiring method: Screw, inline, cage, cold compression

Installation method: panel fixing, overhanging

Program Advantage


On-demand placement and flexible cabling

There are many devices in the field, if the wire-to-wire connection scheme is adopted, it can be arranged in an orderly manner according to the actual situation in the field, thus making the field wiring clearer and more accurate.


Save time by assembling in advance

At the operating site, harness pre-processing can effectively reduce the workload and shorten the wiring time while dramatically increasing the wiring efficiency.


Multiple fixings for a stable connection

 In order to avoid shaking or rattling of the connectors during transportation or operation of the equipment, which may cause connection failure or affect the operation of the equipment, we offer wire-to-wire connectors that can be panel mounted. Supu offers wire-to-wire connectors that can be panel-mounted. The interlocking of the connectors can be realized by standard clamping, screw fixing and locking release lever, which is designed to improve the vibration and anti-dislodgement effect of the wiring harness connection.


Multiple wiring methods to meet different needs

 We offer a wide range of wiring methods to meet customer needs, including inline spring connections, screw connections, cold compression connections and cage spring connections.


Complete specifications, can be combined with a variety of applications to meet the needs of field wiring

We can provide wire-to-wire solutions with a pitch range of 2.5mm-7.62mm, a wiring capacity of 0.2mm²-2.5mm², and two densities of single and double layers.


High-quality materials, logo printing

We choose high quality materials with UL94 V0 flame retardant level to ensure the stability of electrical transmission; at the same time, we also provide marking service, which makes the field work more clear and reduces the risk of wiring errors.

As a national specialized, special and new “small giant” enterprise, Supu has been committed to providing more efficient, more stable and more economical electrical connection products and solutions for customers in the field of industrial automation for more than 20 years, and to help China’s manufacturing!

Post time: Sep-08-2023