2.5mm² Din Rail Terminal Block Distribution Terminal Block

1. The product adopts the push-in connection technology, and the most advantage for this series is convenient operation, no need to use specific wiring tool, also greatly deduct the insert force.

2. The product is suitable for small guide rails, compared to the same series of terminals, the terminal appearance is small, suitable for the connection of thin wires.

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Basic Information

IEC Data

UL Data

Material Data

Basic Information

Pitch 3.5mm
Number of levels 1
Number of connections 2P
Connection method In-line spring wiring
Protection Level IP20
Work temperature -40~+105℃

IEC Data

Rated Current 17.5A
Rated Voltage 500V
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree 3
Rated impulse voltage 6KV
Conductor cross section solid 0.2-1.5mm²
Conductor cross section flexible 0.2-1.5mm²
Conductor cross section flexible,with furrule 0.2-1.5mm²
Stripping length 8-10mm

UL Data

Use group B C D
Rated Current 15A 15A
Rated Voltage 300V 300V
Rated cross section 26-14AWG

Material Data

Insulation material PA66
Insulation material group Ⅲa
Flame retardant grade, UL94 compliance V0
Contact material Copper alloy
Surface characteristics Sn,Plated

Wiring Method

Press the top button, then connect the wire that needs to be connected in the corresponding inlet hole, and finally release the button to complete the wire connection.

How to Remove Stitches

Press the top button, then remove the corresponding wire from the inlet hole, and finally release the button to complete the wire removal.


SUPU TP series terminal blocks adopt the push-in type spring cage connection technology, it brings great convenience to the efficient and safe installation of the operation of the equipment,quick connection of wires can be done without any specific tools.At the same time, the TP series terminal blocks are designed and manufactured in line with IEC/EN60947、 UL1059 and other relevant international standards, and can be adapted to various operating occasions.SUPU TP series allows the user to loosen the wire with any tool without touching the live part.they are simple to operate and can save up to 50% of the wiring time compared to other terminal blocks.

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