Distribution Terminal Block 2.5mm²

1. The spring used high strength stainless steel  can complete solid and furrule wire connection  without any tool, and provide sufficient pressing force at the same time. The reliable key instruction help connect other types wire, and the tools needn’t touch with the live structure directly.

2. The conductive part made of imported alloy copper provides excellent conductivity and low calorific.

3. Support customized printing.

4. The rated current can reach 24A and the rated voltage can reach 450V.

5. Compact multi-layer wiring structure.

6. Installation 15mm and 35mm rails installation or directly glued to smooth surfaces or by screw.

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Basic Information

IEC Data

UL Data

Material Data

Basic Information

Pitch 5.2mm
Number of levels 1
Number of connections 6P
Connection method In-line spring wiring
Protection Level IP20
Work temperature -40~+105℃

IEC Data

Rated Current 24A
Rated Voltage 500V
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree 3
Rated impulse voltage 8KV
Conductor cross section solid 0.2-4mm²
Conductor cross section flexible 0.2-2.5mm²
Conductor cross section flexible,with furrule 0.2-2.5mm²
Stripping length 8-10mm

UL Data

Use group B C D
Rated Current 20A 20A
Rated Voltage 600V 600V
Rated cross section 26-12AWG

Material Data

Insulation material PA66
Insulation material group Ⅲa
Flame retardant grade, UL94 compliance V0
Contact material Copper alloy
Surface characteristics Sn,Plated


Push-in type self-locking power distribution blocks are ready to use and available in different poles No. and mounting styles. Can be used directly or scaled on demand. Ensures flexible and efficient load and control current distribution. Push-in type self-locking connection technology , wiring can be done easily and quickly. Tool-free and reliable connection of fine wires with wire diameters as small as 0.25 mm². Press the pull button to loosen the wires or loosen the flexible conductor without furrule.

As automation applications become more widespread and the use of sensors and actuators potential distribution and acquisition becomes increasingly complex. The need for individual connection technology is increasing. The innovative and efficient FIX distribution block solutions save a lot of time in wiring and are suitable for a wide range of applications.

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