New Products from SUPU |MC-RO/PO plug connector, good partner for servo drive power connection

MC-RO/PO pulg-in connector

As an important part of the control system, servo series have been widely used in various industries to achieve high quality and high precision in product manufacturing. According to the estimation of market research institute HIS Markit, due to the general rise of global labor cost, the trend of manufacturing industry to industrial automation is obvious, and the popularity of industrial robots will greatly promote the market demand for servo systems, and the global servo system market size is expected to exceed 20 billion USD in 2022. In the future, with the further improvement of industrial automation and the further promotion of intelligent manufacturing, the servo system market will see a new round of rapid growth.

The MC-RO/PO series plug-in connectors are specially designed for servo drives, with reliable connection, compact appearance, efficient wiring, convenient and flexible features to meet the higher requirements and needs of servo system miniaturization, integration and high cost performance.

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So what’s so special about the MC-RO/PO series? Let’s find out!

Product Features

Super stable and reliable connection

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Product Line:

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SUPU MC-RO/PO plug-in connectors have been widely used in servo drives, inverter control and other industrial control devices.

Post time: Feb-09-2023