UK2.5 Screw Connection 2Pole

1. Screw locking technology provides more contact force and stable wire connection

2. The conductive part made of imported alloy copper provides excellent conductivity and low calorific

3. Reliable screw type jumper

4. Clear mark system

5. The rated current can reach 24A and the rated voltage can reach 1000V

6. Standard 35mm din rail installation

7. Provide cross and slotted screw slots, which are suitable for various wiring operations

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Basic Information

IEC Data

UL Data

Material Data

Basic Information

SUPU ID 302901
Pitch 6.2mm
Number of levels 1
Number of connections 2P
Connection method Screw connection
Protection Level IP20
Work temperature -40~+105℃

IEC Data

Rated Current 24A
Rated Voltage 800V
Overvoltage category
Pollution degree 3
Rated impulse voltage 8.0KV
Conductor cross section solid 0.2-4mm²
Conductor cross section flexible 0.2-2.5mm²
Conductor cross section flexible,with furrule 0.2-2.5mm²
Locking screw Specification M3
Rated Torque 0.6N.m
Stripping length 7-8mm

UL Data

Use group B C D
Rated Current 20A 20A
Rated Voltage 300V 300V
Rated cross section 30-12AWG

Material Data

Insulation material PA66
Insulation material group
Flame retardant grade, UL94 compliance V0
Contact material Copper alloy
Surface characteristics Sn,Plated

Installation Steps

Mounting terminals: After placing the terminal inactive foot on the side of the guide rail, press down the another side of moving foot to complete the installation.

Connecting the external wiring: Loosen the screws, then connect the wires that need to be connected in the corresponding inlet holes, and finally tighten the screws to complete the connection of the wires.


Products are used in elevators, electric power, rail transit, industrial automation, new energy, lighting, ships, instrumentation, machinery and equipment and other fields

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